Mighty Truck

Illustrated by Troy Cummings

School Library Journal: "Full of energy and excitement."

Kirkus Reviews: "Truck enthusiasts will wheely groove on this story of a truck Superman."

Booklist: "A high-octane adventure for car-crazy kids."

Mighty Truck

Clarence was just an ordinary truck until one fateful day when an unplanned trip through a strange truck wash changed him. FOOMP, his tires pumped up, and VROOM, his engine revved, and...


...muddy old Clarence transformed into the mighty-fast, mighty-strong, mighty-awesome Mighty Truck! With his laser-bright headlights and turbo speed, Mighty Truck can take on any challenge.

Mighty Truck is an all-wheel-drive adventure illustrated by Troy Cummings and written by award-winning, bestselling author Chris Barton.

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