Two Writing Teachers giveaway

The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch is just one of ten titles (all shown above) that will be given away later this week at the Two Writing Teachers blog.

In addition to the giveaway, Stacey Shubitz provides a lot of thoughtful commentary on how each of these ten titles can be used to help young writers improve their skills. For example, here’s some of what Stacey says about The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch:

Like Seeds of Freedom, this book is also crafted with strong voice, which makes it worthy of studying. Sometimes the voice is created with variations in the print (e.g., italics). While many sentences tend to be longer, there are some places with short sentences which cause readers to pause. Often punctuation is used to create voice. For instance, Barton often uses dashes, instead of commas, emphasize, interrupt, or change thoughts in the middle of sentences. Barton also used dashes to create longer or more dramatic pauses in sentences. This picture book is 50 pages long, which means there are LOTS of things you can study alongside students in order to figure out what makes this text work well.

Thank you, Stacey — and good luck to all you Bartography readers who enter the giveaway!