With my latest draft of The Day-Glo Brothers residing with my editor, this morning I tried it out on a far pickier audience: my six-year-old son. And it went over well with S, despite (or perhaps because of, in his case) the science and the length — 2,700 words, nearly 1,000 longer than the version I sold last year.

Still, that’s shorter than the 6,000-odd-word version — of a picture book, mind you — that I began shopping around nearly four years ago, before I had a clue. But when they start offering picture books in special editions with director’s cuts (or author’s edits), I’m all set.

Anyway, I’m in a bit of a holding pattern, and until I hear back from my editor about this latest draft, I have a little unclaimed time on my hands. I may just take a stab at a new story tomorrow, while I wait.

Oh, S did have one suggestion — that my book be illustrated by someone named Weirdo Swimgoggles. If you’re familiar with Mr. Swimgoggles’ work, kindly forward it to the art director at Charlesbridge.