First thing yesterday morning, I reworked P.O. as a script rather than as a picture book manuscript, at the request of the friend of mine who is taking a crack at illustrating it as a graphic novel. (Meanwhile, this weekend I’ve been reading Understanding Comics, so I may well come up with some other ideas for the scriptification.)

After that, 2-year-old F accompanied me on my writerly rounds around Austin. First, we went to see Dianna Aston‘s nifty reading, which was combined with a spirited performance by Sara Hickman. By the time our chair was no longer in the shade, it was time for us to head off to Barnes & Noble for the monthly meeting of the Austin SCBWI, where Liz Garton Scanlon filled in a very curious crowd on the finer points of school visits.

As F was pre-nap and very vocal, I lurked a considerable distance away from the meeting. After F nodded off, I hobnobbed a bit with Liz, Jo Whittemore, Mark Mitchell, Jerry Wermund, and incoming regional advisor Tim Crow.

While waiting for that big toddler head to flop over so I could join the meeting, I laid eyes on the greatest book title ever. Man, I hope someone plans to adapt this one as a children’s book. Paging Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart