How to Make a Book (About My Dog)How to Make a Book (About My Dog) comes out on October 5 and has just received its first major review, from Kirkus Reviews.

Written by me, illustrated by Sarah Horne, and published by Millbrook Press/Lerner, How to Make a Book (About My Dog) is a nonfiction picture book about how nonfiction picture books — say, one about my actual dog, Ernie — are made.

Here’s what Kirkus has to say about it:

“Through it all, Ernie helps to keep both author and readers grounded with requests for play or walks. Though Barton explicitly frames his hypothetical book as nonfiction, aside from minor details, the process he describes applies to works of fiction as well. Readers who’ve never thought very hard about what goes into making a book will come away slightly dizzy and appreciative of the complexity of the process.

“A master class in how to make a picture book.”

Sounds pretty good, right? Order your copy now!