And here it is:

(Yes, I realize that if you’re on my site right now, you can see for yourself that it looks like this, without having to look at a screenshot. But if you’re seeing this on Facebook, or in your feed reader, etc., it won’t be quite so obvious.)

Why the change? The biggest reason is that I’ve got a new book, Can I See Your I.D.?, coming out in less than three months, so I needed to get that book its own page, as well as a spot on my home page. And because the previous design was tailored largely to the colors in the covers of The Day-Glo Brothers and Shark Vs. Train, there was also an opportunity to tweak the colors on the site to work with the new cover.

What else is different? There’s a new page for frequently asked questions. And in a still-to-come change, on Bartography we’ll be replacing my blogroll with my Twitter feed, which will be much easier to keep current while also making it easier to direct my blog readers to new content from sites that hadn’t been included in my blogroll, as well as to good stuff from bloggers I’ve been following for years.

My web designer, Sarah Rehm, has done a terrific job, I think. Thank you, Sarah!