The past few days have brought a couple of big notices for my next book, Glitter Everywhere!, which comes out on June 27 from Charlesbridge Publishing.

Booklist gave the book, illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat, a starred review that concludes by calling Glitter Everywhere! “[a] shining example of a seeming niche filler that turns out to have significant relevance for an astonishing range of issues and interests.”

(Who knew that “seeming niche filler” could be part of such a welcome compliment?)

And at his 100 Scope Notes blog for School Library Journal, Travis Jonker includes Glitter Everywhere! in his roundup of the ten books for young readers (out of more than 2,000 being published during the next three months) that he’s looking forward to the most:

I’m one of those people that hate glitter. Hate it. Loose glitter is the worst. But dang it, now Chris Barton has to go and make a nonfiction book about it and humanize it for me. Make me see it in a new way. Maybe even *gulp* understand it. I may never be the same – and isn’t that what great nonfiction is for?