Emailed an international archivist organization to ask for help in contacting Subject A. No answer, so far.

Called a high school to see if they can help me reach Subject B, one of their alumni. Got stuck in a summer-vacation voicemail loop.

Called a labor union office to see if they can help me get in touch with Subject B, possibly a member. Not so helpful — they can’t give me any information (which I entirely expected), nor can they take any information from me to pass along to to that potential member (which I only partially expected).

Emailed a Subject C aficionado in another country. The email bounced, so I found another address for him. That email bounced, so…

Mailed letters to three possible home addresses for Subject B, having already gotten back marked “Return to Sender” the letter I’d sent to the one known address I had for him.

Found and used a third email address for the Subject C enthusiast. No bounce, but no reply yet, either.

Called the phone number for Subject D. Was told by the person answering the phone that an interview was unlikely, but that I was welcome to send more information about my project.

Emailed information for Subject D to consider. A few hours later, I heard back that we’re on for an interview next week.

Spent lunch hour reading from a 500-page book about Subject E…