When I finished a critique of a friend’s novel at 6:45 Saturday a.m., I officially cleared my other projects out of the way as best as I can so I can focus on my Day-Glo revisions. At least for now. I’ve got my Smith manuscript to touch up a bit more and send off, but only after I receive a couple more critiques. Aside from that and the occasional blog post, I’m all about revising.

But… but… but…

I couldn’t resist replying this morning when I heard from a would-be source for my James project — a guy I’d contacted over a year ago but had never been able to get in touch with. (Let’s hear it for long-term projects!) But it was just a small e-mail, and surely whatever conversation that develops — by phone or otherwise — won’t take up too terribly much of my time.

Oh, and I also picked up, um, four novels today at the library (during a lunch hour otherwise devoted to revising, I swear): Avi‘s The Mayor of Central Park, Dan Gutman‘s Honus & Me and — to my surprise and bewilderment — Laurie Halse Anderson‘s Speak and Meg Rosoff‘s How I Live Now. Wasn’t I just telling someone over the weekend that I couldn’t care less about YA right now? I guess by “right now,” I meant Saturday afternoon, because here I am Monday evening, totally absorbed in Speak.