It’s been a while since my last confession, so here’Â’s another: You know those book reviews on that are signed “A Kid’Â’s Review””? I don’Â’t like ‘Â’em.

I don’Â’t like the way the individual writers of these reviews are lumped into this single, cookie-cutter category, as if the fact that the anonymous reviewer is ““a kid”” tells us everything we need to know — or anything, really –– about the perspective he or she brings to the book in question.

I don’Â’t like the forced-march vibe these reviews so often give off, a vibe I assume is due to teachers doling these out as class assignments –– the beloved book report brought into the modern, e-commerce era. Any time the page count is presented as a salient fact about a book, you know you’Â’re not reading something written from the heart.

And I don’Â’t like the fact that writing these reviews took up time these young writers could have spent creating a story of their own, or reacting to a book they liked –– or didn’Â’t like –– in some other, more sincere, more personal, more creative way.

You know, like posting about them on their blogs.