If you’ve wondered how a Great British Baking Show winner encourages young bakers, or what author-illustrator Marc Brown picked up from decades of making Arthur, then the “Book Bundles: How to Life Skills” batch of reviews from The Horn Book Guide is for you.

Oh, and while you’re there, check out the review of my How to Make a Book (About My Dog) that appears smack dab in the middle of writeups for those other two offerings:

Ostensibly walking readers though writing a book about his dog, Barton introduces elementary-age readers to nonfiction publishing. From research to writing to minute steps in a book’s life cycle, an impressive amount of information is cleverly cloaked in entertaining meta storytelling. Horne’s slapstick illustrations work in perfect tandem throughout; occasional vignettes use flow-chart arrows as the would-be “book” moves from agent to editor and on. Even “people whose names don’t…appear on the cover” (typesetters! proofreaders!) get a shout-out — all without a dull moment.