17 Jan

He’s so over it

When the New York Times reviewed The Day-Glo Brothers last month, my younger son had some questions for my wife — which he asked out of earshot of me.

“It used to be that nobody liked Daddy’s book, right?” asked five-year-old F, knowing all about the 23 rejections the manuscript received before Charlesbridge acquired it.

“That’s right.”

“But now, everybody likes it.” Meaning, even someone in New York.

“It’s gotten good reviews, yes.”

“Isn’t there anybody anymore who doesn’t like it?”

“Well,” my wife said, “there was one reviewer who said the bright colors gave her a headache, so she didn’t really like it.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” F replied. “I thought I was the only one.”

16 thoughts on “He’s so over it

  1. Too funny! I love kids. The kids at my school LOVED the book. I think it could change the way they think about biographies. They all of a sudden seem interested since seeing your book.

  2. Oh, no! And you wrote it just for him, right?

    When my first book sold, my youngest dtr’s response was, “not that one!”

    The toughest reviewers live with us!

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  4. I have tears streaming down my face I’m laughing so hard. Nothing tops a kid’s candor.
    Congratulations on the tremendous success of The Day-Glo Brothers, Chris!!

  5. You mean I’m not the only one whose kids deal blows to my self-esteem on a regular basis? Sometimes I feel like telling my son, “You know, there have been people out there who have thought me cool!”

    Congrats on the award. And on the funny kid!

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