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A comprehensive list of U.S. college- and university-sponsored or -hosted children’s and young adult literature conferences, festivals, and symposia

(All of them that I could find, anyway.)

In 2011, I was looking for such a list, wondered why I couldn’t find one, and decided to just go ahead and make one myself. Since then, I’ve periodically updated and reposted it, and I plan to continue doing so. If I’ve missed any, or included some that no longer exist, won’t you please let me know?

University of Arizona Tucson Festival of Books

University of Redlands Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival

University of Connecticut Connecticut Children’s Book Fair

Kennesaw State University Conference on Literature for Children and Young Adults
The University of Georgia Children’s Literature Conference

Northern Illinois University Children’s Literature Conference

Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More College, University of Cincinnati, and Xavier University Ohio Kentucky Indiana Children’s Literature Conference

University of Kentucky McConnell Conference

Frostburg State University Spring Festival of Children’s Literature
Salisbury University Read Green Festival

Framingham State University Children’s Literature Festival

St. Cloud State University Children’s Literature Workshop
University of Minnesota Kerlan Award Ceremony
University of St. Thomas Hubbs Children’s Literature Conference

University of Central Missouri Children’s Literature Festival

The University of Southern Mississippi Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival

Concordia University Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival

New Hampshire
Keene State College Children’s Literature Festival

New Jersey
Montclair State University New Jersey Council of Teachers of English Spring Conference
Rutgers University One-on-One Plus Conference

New York
Stony Brook University – Southampton Southampton Children’s Literature Conference

Bowling Green State University Literacy in the Park
Kent State University Virginia Hamilton Conference
The University of Findlay Mazza Museum Summer Conference and Weekend Conference
Youngstown State University English Festival

Kutztown University Children’s Literature Conference

Sam Houston State University Jan Paris Bookfest: Children’s & YA Conference
Texas A&M University – Commerce Bill Martin Jr Memorial Symposium

Brigham Young University Symposium on Books for Young Readers
Utah Valley University Forum on Engaged Reading

The College of William and Mary Joy of Children’s Literature Conference
Longwood University Summer Literacy Institute and Virginia Children’s Book Festival
Shenandoah University Children’s Literature Conference

Western Washington University Children’s Literature Conference

6 thoughts on “A comprehensive list of U.S. college- and university-sponsored or -hosted children’s and young adult literature conferences, festivals, and symposia

  1. Thanks for finding my new Hubbs page, I just finished updating it on Friday.
    Two more for MN that you might consider:
    1) Children’s Literature Workshop at St. Cloud State University. This link is for the 2014 event in June: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/continuingstudies/ceo/offerings/clw.asp
    2) Kerlan Award (University of MN) https://www.lib.umn.edu/clrc/kerlan-award. It’s only about a half-day event, but includes a luncheon, the award ceremony, and a speech by the winner(s). This information is for 2014, when there were 2 winners.
    Moorhead State University also gives a couple children’s book awards, but I’ve never heard that they have a public event related to the awards, although this year might be an exception. Here’s information about the awards. http://www.mnstate.edu/cmc/comstock-read-aloud-initiative.aspx
    There is also the Children’s Literature Festival in Red Wing, but it isn’t sponsored by an academic institution. It is a big deal for the Red Wing area and the south east part of the metro area. This year’s event: http://www.andersoncenter.org/eventAuthorsIllustrators.html

  2. Thank you so much, Donna! And thanks also to Jordan Sonneblick for suggesting the Youngstown English Festival and to Tricia Stohr-Hunt for suggesting the Framingham State event and the new Virginia Children’s Book Festival at Longwood University.

    What else needs adding? Surely there are some that still aren’t included…

  3. Thanks, Janna! I had taken a look at the Simmons website before updating the list — the last Summer Institute was in 2013, it appears. Do you happen to know if there will be one in 2015?

  4. Easr Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, will host the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival (SE-YA) March 11-12, 2016

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