15 May

A first look at Jennifer Ziegler’s next book

Those of you who loved my wife Jennifer’s 2014 novel Revenge of the Flower Girls might just be interested in what’s coming this August:

Revenge of the Angels

And if you’re sensing a theme running through the books Jennifer and I have coming out later this year, you’re right:


Between her Revenge of the Angels — in which the Brewster triplets find themselves woefully miscast in their church’s Christmas pageant — and my ‘The Nutcracker’ Comes to America arriving in September, we’ll start celebrating the holidays around here when it’s still 102 degrees.

But if you’re inclined to put off getting into the spirit of the season until you reach a more reasonable page on the calendar, that’s quite all right. We’ll be celebrating both books — and encouraging donations to the Giving Tree program — at Austin’s BookPeople on Saturday, December 5 (only 204 shopping days away).

3 thoughts on “A first look at Jennifer Ziegler’s next book

  1. Hi this is Sam. I’m emailing from my grandmothers adress.I love Jennifers books they really paint a picture in my mind. you should have one about Halloween

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