09 Jan

Many thanks to Joe McDermott and Phil Bildner

The recent KidLit TV segment on Modern First Library would not have happened without the enthusiastic support of my friends Phil Bildner and Joe McDermott.

Phil’s role was obvious — he was on-camera with me and BookPeople‘s Meghan Goel. But what part did Joe play?

Well, who do you think was behind the camera?

That’s right. Not only is Joe McDermott a high-spirited singer, songwriter, and children’s performer, he’s also pretty handy with video production.

So help me thank him, why don’t you? If you’re in Central Texas, you could book him for a show.

Or you could buy his new CD and coloring book combo, Coconut Beach:

Coconut Beach

Phil’s been busy, too, which makes me all the more appreciative of his taking the time to support Modern First Library while he was visiting Austin for the Texas Book Festival.

How busy? Well, he did have two new books out in 2015:

A Whole New Ballgame


And he is pretty occupied with the approximately 75,000 school visits he does each year.

So, as with Joe, you can show your thanks to Phil by buying one of his latest or by booking him for a visit to your school. You’ll be glad you did, and I’d appreciate it, too.

2 thoughts on “Many thanks to Joe McDermott and Phil Bildner

  1. Hey Chris! It was a pleasure to share your Modern First Library video on KidLit TV. The camera work was super! Thank you to Joe. And a BIG thanks to Phil for doing a brilliant job. I’d love to share this post to shine a little light on the folks behind the scenes, too!

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