26 Apr

Upon closer inspection

This was one of several thank-you cards I received from students at a school in Maryland last week.

It contains one of my favorite elements that I sometimes see in such cards: a depiction of the author himself!

Really, just look at this:

I mean, seriously:

One of these is by photographer Sam Bond, but I’m not saying which one

But the best part? If you’ll look verrrrry closely at one of the eyes, you’ll see it looks just like a heart:

That’s certainly how I feel when I look out on an audience that’s excited about reading and writing and drawing and creating their own stories, but I never realized I was so obvious about it.

3 thoughts on “Upon closer inspection

  1. What a fabulous story! Aren’t kids wonderful. You never know what they are thinking. I love the heart shaped eye. Truly fits your personality and love of “spreading the word” about reading and literature. I would say that child really enjoyed your visit and got a lot out of it. BRAVO for you!

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