31 Jul

A reminder to myself (and maybe to you, too)

This #TenThingsToSayToAWriter contribution by author Jen Malone (Maps to the Stars) —

— was a welcome reminder for me. And a needed one, too.

Each time recently that I’ve heard a favorite podcast include a request for reviews, stars, likes, etc., it’s been at an inopportune time. But it’s also always spurred the recognition that, yes, when my hands (or at least my thumbs) are free, I should support the podcasts and books I love by helping them catch the eyes of other potential listeners and readers.

Reviews do that. And heaven knows that those of us who put things out for the public — to absorb, and to think about — love hearing that we’ve hit our mark.

I always forget, though. I mentally acknowledge that leaving positive feedback is as easy as it is appreciated, and then my mind veers elsewhere. But I’m going to try to get in the habit of doing that favor for others.

Maybe on Fridays.

Definitely on this Friday.

Right now, in fact.

How about you?

09 Jun

Good news & good company for The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch

This past week has brought a couple of happy developments for my new book with Don Tate, The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers).

First, the book has received a Silver Honor from the Parents’ Choice Awards. Thank you, Parents’ Choice!

And another big thank you goes to Colby Sharp and Jon Samuelson for including The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch (along with Bob Shea’s Ballet Cat and Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl) in the latest episode of the Booklandia podcast.

I love the surprise in Jon’s voice when he realizes that the story of Lynch’s 10-year rise from slavery to the U.S. House of Representatives during Reconstruction is nonfiction rather than historical fiction. I also appreciate the thorough notes on this episode — very helpful, guys.

23 Nov

Bartography Express for November 2014, featuring K.A. Holt’s Rhyme Schemer

This month, one subscriber to my Bartography Express newsletter will win a copy of Rhyme Schemer (Chronicle), the new middle-grade novel in verse by Kari Anne Holt.

If you’re not already receiving Bartography Express, click the image below for a look. If you like what you see, click “Join” in the bottom right corner, and you’ll be in the running for the giveaway at the end of this week.

20141120 Bartography Express

11 Jun

Summer reading and home library suggestions from the ALSC


If you need summer reading lists for students in grades K-8, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) has your back.

ALSC — a division of the American Library Association (ALA) — has updated its lists and provided them in color and black & white formats that make it easy to print these up and distribute them.

ALSC also has the backs of Shark Vs. Train and The Day-Glo Brothers, both of which are included on this year’s summer reading lists. Not only that, but Shark Vs. Train is also included among the titles the ALSC included on its updated home library recommendation lists.

Thank you, ALSC!