That's Not Bunny!

Illustrated by Colin Jack

A Junior Library Guild selection

School Library Journal: "The structure of this character-driven story makes it easy for an audience to join in the storytelling and provides many opportunities for kids to audibly express their sympathy for Hawk. Perfect for reading aloud, this is a great addition to picture book collections."

That's Not Bunny

From high above on his perch, Hawk searches for his next meal. When he spots a bunny he swoops down and snatches — a carrot!? He decides to try again; because after all, he isn't a Carrot Hawk. But when Hawk goes for his second attempt he comes up with a cucumber! And the third time he grabs a head of lettuce! How can Hawk be a hawk, if he can't catch a single bunny? As he surveys the assortment of vegetables in his nest, he gets a great idea for baiting the bunny. But will it work?

48 pages
Ages 3-5
ISBN: 9781423190868

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