Illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat

A Junior Library Guild Selection 

If you love glitter, this book is for you. 

If you hate glitter, this book is also for you. 

Everyone seems to have strong feelings about glitter. But how much do you actually know about it? 

Who invented glitter? 

How is it made? 

Why does it stick to everything? 

Is it bad for the environment?*  

And of course: 

What makes glitter . . . glitter?

With style and humor, Chris Barton and Chaaya Prabhat explore the good, the bad, the tiny, and the shiny of all things glitter. 

* Spoiler alert! Traditional glitter can be bad for the planet. That’s why the jacket of this book uses a glitter lookalike. 

48 pages
Ages 5 and up
June 2023
Charlesbridge Publishing
ISBN: 9781623542528