Illustrated by Sarah Horne

A 2024 Texas Topaz Nonfiction Reading List Selection

A Junior Library Guild Selection

Kirkus Reviews: “A master class in how to make a picture book.”

Publishers Weekly: “Aiming to unveil the process behind book creation, Barton walks readers through the steps of writing a nonfiction picture book about his dog in this elucidative meta-story following its own production.”

Booklist: “…readers and budding authors will still come away strongly impressed by the everyday miracle that is the book in their hands.”

How do you make a picture book? Well, you need an author, an illustrator, and . . . a dog?! 

Acclaimed author Chris Barton and his trusty pooch Ernie show readers how to make a nonfiction picture book . . . about Ernie! From coming up with ideas, researching, and writing a first draft to finding the perfect illustrator, deciding what goes on the cover, and getting every last wrod—er, word just right, you’ll see how a book is made from beginning to end.  

From acquisitions and editing to graphic design and dog treats, find out what’s required to bring a book to life. This title perfectly blends how-to and humor for an informative look at book publishing. And look, this is part of the marketing step! 

40 pages
Ages 6 and up
October 2021 

Millbrook Press/Lerner Publishing
ISBN: 9781541581289

How to Make a Book (About My Dog)