Illustrations by Paul Hoppe

Junior Library Guild Selection

From the impoverished young woman who enchanted nineteenth-century British society as a faux Asian princess, to the sixteen-year-old boy who “stole” a subway train in 1993, to the lonely-but-clever Frank Abagnale of Catch Me If You Can fame, these ten vignettes offer exhilarating insight into mind-blowing masquerades. Graphic panels draw you into the exploits of these pretenders, and meticulously researched details keep you on the edge of your seat. Each scene is presented in the second person, a unique point of view that literally places you inside the faker’s mind. With motivations that include survival, delusion, and plain old-fashioned greed, the psychology of deception has never been so fascinating or so close at hand.

144 pages
Ages 12 and up
Dial Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780803733107

Praise for Can I See Your I.D.?