Speaking of querying via e-mail, I sent one out early this a.m. and immediately heard back from the editor, thanks to the “out-of-office” auto responder. (There’s quick, which is good, but then there’s too quick.) She’s at ALA, of course, but until I got the reply I’d forgotten all about it. One of these years…

Before getting to the business of querying, I got to the business of finishing Chapter 5 in my latest draft about Smith. One more to go, and then I can get the latter half of this draft into circulation among my critiquing buddies. Then I can implement their comments on the first half, which I’ve been sitting on for nearly a month now.

I also got my registration in the mail for the stupendous-looking October conference that the Austin chapter of SCBWI is putting on. I signed up for a critique, too, which means that within the next month I need to pull something together to submit. I’m already working with an editor on Smith, and I’d rather come up with something new than delve into the archives. We’ll see.

All this and a full day (and then some) of working at my salaried job. No wonder I can’t think of how to end this post.