Breaking news: I’ve just sold my second book!

Little, Brown is going to publish the thoroughly silly, not-at-all-nonfictional, just-something-I-made-up picture book that I’ve been referring to here as “S.V.T.” And in fact, because the book is so concept-driven, and because the actual title gives so much of that concept away, and because I’m just plain paranoid, I’m going to continue to refer to it by its acronym.

But if you’re the first person to guess what “S.V.T.” stands for, not only will I not stamp my feet until I go through a hole in the floor, I’ll give you a free copy of the book — you know, in a few years.

This has been a thrilling few weeks watching this deal come together, and I’m just as happy as can be. It was fascinating to watch my agent do her thing, and it just about killed me not to spill the partially cooked beans here on Bartography. I could go on and on about this whole experience — as you already know if you’re my wife, kids, agent, or mother — but I have no idea where to start (or stop).

Many thanks to my family for their inspiration and enthusiasm, to Don, Julie and Gregory K. for reading an early draft of S.V.T., and to Agent E for finding such an exciting home for this manuscript. Wheeee!