Boy, did I get off easy. I think.

The copyedited text of The Day-Glo Brothers arrived today from Charlesbridge, with just a dozen changes for me to review. I’ve glanced at the first half of them and was relieved to see that things are in pretty good shape — here’s hoping there are no big surprises in the second half. I’ll find out when I take a close look in the morning.

I worked on a couple of stories today, incorporating a friend’s second-round critique into an almost-ready-for-prime-time early chapter book this a.m., and then nearing completion of an extremely rough first draft of a picture book during my lunch hour. It’s been rare this year to have even one new story in the works at a time, let alone two. Feels pretty good.

Another role has fallen into my lap for this Saturday’s conference: tactful bouncer. During an afternoon series of roundtable discussions, I’ll be among a select group of folks charged with gently discouraging attendees from monopolizing the time and attention of the guest experts. You know, at least until after I’m through with them.

I got another agent query mailed off today. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already, but I’m interested in getting an agent…) A friend represented by this agent did a fantastic, above-and-beyond job of helping me streamline my pitch, and I’m really happy with what I sent out.

Other things that made me happy today:

The latest illustration on Paula J. Becker’s blog, Whateverings. I discovered Paula’s site when since she mentioned my Apprentice post from a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been enjoying her art immensely. I especially love her during-church sketches.

And though I don’t think of myself as a big softie, I was oddly heartened to read today in PW Daily that Random House editor Anne Schwartz will be editing “by special arrangement” Olivia Forms a Band, Simon & Schuster‘s fourth book in the series she originated with Ian Falconer while she was with Atheneum. Yes, I’m sure that gobs of money are involved, and not just sheer sentimentality, but still I’m tickled that the relationship between this editor, this author/illustrator, and this character is so strong that it transcends the lines between publishing houses.

OK, so I am a big softie. Now, I’m off to read Al Capone Does My Shirts.