Five (!) years after the publication of Dazzle Ships: World War I and the Art of Confusion, it was a treat recently to discuss the book with a pair of high school social studies teachers who had just discovered it.

Enjoy my chat with Philip Horender and Philip Schoff on the new episode of their Missing Chapter podcast:

We ask a lot of questions on this podcast. Where this originated, who did that, how did this invention take shape… this type of curiosity is what leads us to this episode. Today on this episode of the Missing Chapter, we welcome author Chris Barton. Author of more than 20 published books, including the focus of this episode, his book called Dazzle Ships. These ships weren’t your ordinary battleships in World War I, they have been specifically camouflaged, not to blend in, but to stand out. Now why would a battleship want to stand out, rather than blend in? Isn’t stealth one of the main sources of defense? Well, in this case, standing out IS the source of defense and Author Chris Barton will show us how one man’s incredible imagination and ingenuity led to one of history’s forgotten stories… Dazzle Ships.