Welcome to the 52nd episode of This One’s Dedicated to…, in which Jennifer Ziegler and I share her quick conversation with… me!

Yes, after more than 50 videos, we decided it was time for us each to talk about one of our own dedications. So for this episode we’re discussing the dedication I wrote for my nonfiction picture book How to Make a Book (About My Dog) (Millbrook Press/Lerner Publishing, 2021):

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Having Jennifer and me take our turns as guests isn’t the only difference you’ll notice in Episodes 52 and 53. Our video series has a fresh new look, thanks to the directing and editing efforts of Owen Ziegler, and now we also have a catchy theme song created by Renee Ziegler.

Thanks for watching, and please visit the main This One’s Dedicated to… page for more episodes and a look at who Jennifer and I will be talking to soon.