Can we talk about dedications?

Personally, I love reading them. When My Favorite Author in the Whole Wide World and I do our end-of-the-workday picture-book-reading ritual, we always include the dedications. I’m eternally curious about the recipients, especially when the authors have moved past their own parents and/or children.

But hardly anyone ever asks me about the recipients of my own books’ dedications, and there’s always a reason — one I’d love to share — about who I chose and why.

I’ve been thinking that there must be other readers out there who feel as strongly about dedications as I do — and, hopefully, other authors who feel that way, too. That’s why Jennifer and I began this video series.

“This One’s Dedicated to…” will focus on the dedications in books for young readers. Each edited, student-friendly conversation will be between five and ten minutes long and offer our fellow creators of children’s books an opportunity to share with readers the stories behind who they dedicated their book to, how that person found out, and more.

Each of these conversations will also come with a book giveaway to subscribers of my Bartography Express newsletter. (You can sign up for Bartography Express here.)

Here’s the full list of available and upcoming “This One’s Dedicated to…” videos. Click through to view our conversations and get details about the book giveaway for each title.

January 2021
Don Tate, William Still and His Freedom Stories
K.A. Holt, BenBee and the Teacher Griefer
Emma Otheguy, A Sled for Gabo
Gordon Korman, Unplugged

February 2021
Cynthia Leitich Smith, Jingle Dancer
Dashka Slater, The Book of Fatal Errors
Kyle Lukoff, Call Me Max
Mike Jung, The Boys in the Back Row

March 2021
Karina Yan Glaser, The Vanderbeekers Lost and Found
Miranda Paul, Speak Up
Stephen Shaskan, Pizza and Taco: Best Party Ever
Traci Sorell, Classified

April 2021
Baptiste Paul, Peace/To Carnival!
Kao Kalia Yang, The Most Beautiful Thing

May 2021
Rita Williams-Garcia, A Sitting in St. James
Stuart Gibbs, Charlie Thorne and the Lost City/Bear Bottom

We hope you’ll keep coming back for more, and that in the meantime, you’ll help Jennifer and me spread the word about these conversations. Maybe we’ll even dedicate a book — or at least an episode — to you!