While I still don’t know who’s going to illustrate The Day-Glo Brothers, I’m excited to say that one of my unsold fiction manuscripts may be getting partially illustrated soon.

And by “partially,” I mean with a single page. An illustrator of my acquaintance (how’s that for vague?) has gone beyond the definition of generosity by offering to create a page showing editors how my manuscript might work as a graphic novel.

Yes, this is exactly what writers new to the field of children’s books are told not to do — we’re supposed to let the editor and art director pass the completed manuscript along to the illustrator after our contract is signed. But if the illustrator and I both know the rule we’re breaking and are comfortable doing so, why not?

My manuscript — goofy humor — has a couple of main characters that I’ve known for years but have never visualized in great detail, so I can’t wait to see my illustrator friend’s sketches so I can find out what these guys look like. And I’ve never written for a graphic novel, so I’m also eager to play around with my text to make it fit that format.

In the meantime, she’s given me homework. Looks good to me. I’m just going to pretend I don’t have a half-dozen other books demanding my attention…