For me, that would be illustrators. Four of them, to be precise — Laura Logan, Janee Trasler, Roz Fulcher, and Patrice Barton (no relation, though I’m sure she must be related to somebody). At one point at the Austin SCBWI conference today, I found myself the odd man out at a table occupied by these four talented ladies. Me, the guy who only recently figured out how to doodle a decent face. And I was having a great time with them.

That wasn’t the only surprise at today’s conference. Another big one for me was the attendance of my friend Mary, who I don’t believe I had seen since my wedding nearly 12 years ago, where she snapped the candid photographs that were the best of all the many pictures taken that day.

I’ll have more to say about the big event (the conference, not my wedding) as the week goes on. But there’s a lot of sleeping to be done between now and my next post.