Wherever you get your podcasts from, I highly recommend giving a listen to school librarian Tom Bober’s The Primary Source Podcast, now in its fourth season of “exploring the uses of primary sources in K-12 libraries and classrooms.”

Four seasons! That’s a lot — where to start?

I’m so glad you asked. My personal recommendation is that you dive into S4E4: Interview with Chris Barton, Author of Glitter Everywhere! Where It Came From, Where It’s Found, & Where It’s Going.

I always enjoy talking with Tom — here we are a couple of years ago, discussing my research for Moving Forward: From Space-Age Rides to Civil Rights Sit-Ins with Airman Alton Yates.

And while I could go on for hours about pulling together the information for my nonfiction picture book about glitter, Tom somehow managed to keep me down to just over 28 minutes. Give us a listen!