As I mentioned a few months ago, my family is going to Boston for vacation later this summer. It will be the first time my wife and boys have been, and my first trip there since I was 11 years old, and so I’ve been on the lookout for books to prep us on our visit.

Complementing the titles mentioned (and commented upon) in my original post, here’s what we’ve currently got on our vacation-themed shelf. (Well, right now, these titles are actually piled up on the floor next to my desk, but I hope to have them back on the shelf before the kids are awake. Or perhaps I’ll treat the boys to a conspicuous show of putting books back on the shelf, but that’s really a topic for another post…)

Whales. We’ll be up bright and early (or early and bleary) one Sunday for a whale-watching cruise, which explains why we’ve got so many whale-related titles around the house these days:

Where are you bound this summer (whether by flight or by foot), and are you reading anything to get ready?