Several neat things happened today, my birthday:

  1. The cancer surgery performed on the husband of one of my writing friends went well. Optimism reigns.
  2. I managed to read the rest of The New Yorker‘s Roald Dahl profile that I mentioned yesterday. A flawed person, to be sure, but fascinating and gifted. I’m astounded by his knack for identifying with children, just as I’m amazed by the way snakes unhinge their jaws or Bobby “Blue” Bland lets loose his trademark growl.
  3. I heard highly encouraging words from an editor about one of my manuscripts; we both know it needs more work, but we’re both excited about it.
  4. During my commute home, a long-sought plot twist occurred to me, and it happens to be for the story I’m now working on in the mornings, so I’m looking forward to putting it to work in the a.m.
  5. For some reason, I’d been thinking recently about a writer whose book signing my wife and I attended at an Austin Borders years and years ago — well before I’d considered writing for children. She was the friend of a friend, but I couldn’t remember her name or her book’s, only that it was adult fiction about a football coach’s daughter, and that I really enjoyed her reading and talking with her afterward. So, imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I saw this interview on cynsations with that author, Kerry Madden, whose new career in children’s writing is off to a great start.

Not bad.