When Tom and I were S.V.T.-ing at Austin’s Faulk Central Library a few weeks ago, the cover of Lenore Look and LeUyen Pham’s Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things caught his eye. His interest caught my interest, and since my boys are 2-3 years on either side of the book’s second-grade protagonist, I thought it might be well-received back here at Rancho Barton.

It was.

If you’ll remember, I recently found myself reading The Golden Compass to 4-year-old F. At his insistence, we did indeed finish it, except for the occasional skipped paragraph or page or turn of phrase. But not even the armored-bear action in Golden Compass got him as wound up as some of the scenes in Alvin Ho, especially one where the father’s favorite childhood toy is placed in peril.

And the book is a hoot. And it’s got a glossary that’s as much pleasure to read as the rest of the book. And it’s set in Concord, Massachusetts, where my boys picnicked earlier this year within view of the Old North Bridge, thus giving the book that much more appeal.

How much more? Enough that they were studying the cover for signs of other books in the series. I see on Semicolon’s post about the book that they only have to wait until June.

Unless someone can somehow score them a copy in April…