In fact, I just wrote a picture book manuscript, Bell, about him. Here’s what he’s like, according to Chris Mercogliano in a post at Beacon Broadside:

[W]e say that kids with minds like hummingbirds, who aren’t yet inclined to spend long stretches of time reading, writing, and figuring, are “flighty” or “easily distracted,” not that they have attention deficit disorder. The interesting thing about these children is that given the chance to pay attention to what they want to pay attention to, they will often spend hours at a time working on a drawing, or a birdhouse, or a new skateboard move. When it is their choice, they will devour good books and stories and keep asking for more. But if you try to force them when the desire and excitement are missing, indeed that is when the trouble begins.

In my story, that boy is a hero. But I wonder if others would read it and just see him as a pain.