Greetings to those of you virtually attending this week’s 49th annual conference of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL).

Near the end of my keynote for that gathering, I mention this How to Diversify Your Kidlit-Related Lists flowchart, so I’d like to also extend this greeting to anyone else interested in making use of this tool.

You can read here about the history and intent of this flowchart, including the help I received from Janie Bynum and the late Karen Blumenthal.

And you can download a PDF of it.

But if an image file of How to Diversify Your Kidlit-Related Lists will meet your needs, here you go:

I hope you enjoy it greatly and share it widely!

Edited to add: After I tweeted about the flowchart, I received this spot-on reply from librarian Edi Campbell:

To which I added:

This flowchart has always been a work in progress, and I’m always open to thoughtful suggestions for how I can make it more effective. Please feel free to share yours in the comments below.