My writing-related resolutions for this shiny new year are:

To be more disciplined in how I spend my time. My writing time will be spent writing (or at least researching), and not on e-mailing or blog-reading. My e-mailing and blogging will get their own separate chunk of time. And I’ll do a better job of keeping all those things from getting in the way of time devoted to family, home, exercise, etc.

To be more focused — two active projects requiring my brainpower at any one time are plenty. And I’ll be keeping the non-nonfiction projects to a minimum.

To keep in their proper perspective the 2006 versions of Rainbow Party, Clement Hurd’s disappearing cigarette, The Apprentice, Cashmere If You Can, etc.

For all of you, I hope that your best work so far and your happiest days yet lie just ahead.