Last night, during a family evening out that included a swing by our neighborhood BookMaxDepot, I finally laid eyes on the 2007 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market. And in between

  1. accommodating my boys’ frenzied interests in Calvin and Hobbes, Sheep in a Jeep, and I’m Dirty,
  2. clarifying for my two-year-old which of our recent reads were books we owned, which were from the library, and how all the titles in the vast collection surrounding us fit into things, and
  3. alternately marveling at the Snakes on a Plane tie-ins (Snakes on a Sudoku, anyone?) and recoiling from them (no, my seven-year-old did not get as close a look at the novelization as he’d been hoping for)

I even got to skim the article I was most interested in: Roz Fulcher‘s piece on author and illustrator blogs, for which she interviewed me about a year ago. I’d expected a passing mention, maybe, of Bartography, but instead there was an entire paragraph of things I distinctly remember saying and thinking. Even better, I sounded sane and coherent, which is more than you can say for the four of us by the time we left the store. (If you happened to be at that MegaLitMart last night around 7:30, yes, we were that family.)

Thank you, Roz, and thanks to the rest of the CWIM crew for putting out such a great resource each year. One of these evenings, I might even have time to look at the rest of the book. Alone.