I wasn’t sure what I’d get around to doing first — posting the cover image for The Day-Glo Brothers or taking up Disco Merman Jay Asher’s challenge to other authors to post their senior photos. The book won by a few hours, so to compensate, my senior photo —

12th grade, 1988-89
Smugly gazing into the future
and watching myself post this photo
on the Internet 20 years later.

— has brought along a few friends:

11th grade, 1987-88

10th grade, 1986-87

9th grade, 1985-86

8th grade, 1984-85

7th grade, 1983-84
6th grade, 1982-83

5th grade, 1981-82

4th grade, 1980-81
3rd grade, 1979-80
2nd grade, 1978-79
1st grade, 1977-78

Of all those fashions, I think I favor that zipper pull. Must get more of those…