Here’s a bit from Jane Yolen’s September 8 post on her journal, Telling the True:

I am not a person of infinite patience. My husband would tell you I have no patience at all. But what I have no patience for is an editor who does not return calls, emails, letters. … And yet many editors these days seem to fall somewhere between the bad and the extreme black holes. Maybe they are overworked and underpaid. Maybe they don’t have good help. Maybe they are fighting the Suits. Maybe they are about to jump ship to a new publisher. … All good excuses. But as an author, I don’t need editor’s excuses. I need a timely response.

I don’t know how often the editors who work with Jane Yolen receive calls, e-mails, or letters from her — it could be more frequently than I’d guess. Still, I’m flat-out amazed that anybody with a job in children’s publishing would fail to respond to someone of her stature. But it could be that there’s still a lot for me to learn about this business.