In case you missed it, last night there was this:

That’s me chatting with authors Melissa Wiley and Jennifer Holm and moderator Kristen Rutherford about children’s books on the Geek & Sundry #parent show. Let me tell you — an hour goes by fast when you’ve got a great subject and good company to discuss it with. I hope we can do it again.

And in case you don’t subscribe to my monthly Bartography Express newsletter — in which case you’ve just missed out on chances to win one of my books and Liz Garton Scanlon’s newest title — here’s a little of what Liz had to say about Happy Birthday, Bunny!:

I was thinking about birthdays, about how they’re really considered the end-all and be-all events of childhood, and then I thought, Are they really always all that? Because here’s the thing: Little kids don’t really get birthdays at first. They’re noisy and overwhelming, there’s all sorts of secret protocol, you have to share, food gets set afire. Really, it’s a lot to absorb!

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