It’s blogroll week at Bartography — not updating it, but offering a peek at what those links lead to. Tonight, we’ll start with the first five:

Slowly but steadily, Anneographies has now built up a full year’s worth of biographical picture book recommendations, organized by the subjects’ birthdays.

Over at Big A little a, Kelly has announced the latest issue of The Edge of the Forest.

Alvina at Blue Rose Girls asks which books readers wish they had edited/written/illustrated. For me, that would be The Big Orange Splot.

Sad news from Book Buds — Anne Boles Levy’s mother has died. So think a kind thought for Anne and her mom — and then honor them both by reading this mother-loving spoof that Anne wrote three years ago.

And finally, Camille at Book Moot points to a kid-created Harry vs. Percy video — just what this father of a big fan of both (and budding moviemaker) needs to see.