Word came from Agent Erin this week that my latest revision of Smith did the trick, so this middle-grade biography is ready to make the rounds among editors. This will be the first manuscript that we’ve sent out as a pair to an editor I wasn’t already working with, and I’m excited to see how the process works.

The one last thing I needed to do was put together my bibliography for Smith, which I took care of late last night. So, now I think I’ll reward myself with a little break.

Well, that was nice.

This morning I was up at my usual 5 a.m., sending out interview requests for the proposal I’m working on for E.F., which would be for young adults. Meanwhile, I’m waiting on a bunch of library books to help me get started researching another YA project I’d like to propose (it’s so new, I don’t have a pseudonym for it yet), and I also need to completely rewrite some sample text for Holiday, another picture book biography I want to pitch.

Good thing I’ll be fortifying myself today with some BBQ.