There’s an exciting new nonfiction project that I’ve been working on for a while, and I think the time is finally right to share some of the details here.

I know that there are plenty of trained-sea-mammal books out there, but I believe this story from South Florida is truly exceptional. For one thing, the dolphin I’m writing about has attained a level of athletic skill that, frankly, is far beyond anything you’re going to see at your average marine park. And unless I’m naive about the goings-on at the Sea Worlds of the world, nobody is placing bets on the animals that perform there.

But the thing that really strikes me about this project is how — for all the high-speed, high-stakes action — the aquatic star of the story participates simply for the enjoyment of the sport. (Well, for that, and for a few sardines.) And that’s why I’m titling it Jai Alai: Fun with a Porpoise.