I’m pleased to share the essay that I wrote for this month’s School Library Journal, “Is There a Looming ‘Dog-Man’ Crisis?” It begins:

Between the passage of an anti-librarian law in my home state of Texas and local school districts’ creation of bureaucratic book-purchasing hoops for their media specialists to jump through, it’s becoming ridiculously difficult in some places for newly published books to make their way onto library shelves in a timely fashion.

Sounds bad enough in abstract. So what would happen if the 12th book in Dav Pilkey’s phenomenally popular ‘Dog Man’ graphic novel series, out in March, isn’t available for library checkout right away?

Disappointment? Sure. Frustration? You bet. But how about, also, a kid-level civics lesson in the politics that led to that delay?

If all this sounds familiar, maybe you saw the earlier version of this essay, “The looming Dog Man crisis, or A handy civics lesson for elementary students in Texas public schools,” which I posted here this past fall.

The SLJ version is revised and expanded. We’d love to know what you think, and for you to spread the word to others you think might be interested in reading it.