Introducing myself to an audience of fourth and fifth graders in December 2023. Photo by Meredith Wallace.

My thoughts on surveys are, let’s say, inconsistent. I ignore most of the ones that I receive (“How satisfied are you with the volume of email from us, Chris?”), but I do love sending them out after my author visits and studying the feedback from the schools that host me.

Here are a few survey-response highlights from my 2023-24 author visits — and an invitation for you to get in touch if you’d like me to visit your school in 2024-25!

“What was the most valuable or beneficial aspect of Chris’ presentation?”

Chris knows how to talk to kids and hold their interest during his presentations.

I really liked how Chris encouraged the students in their writing of things they know or want to know. He encouraged them where they are.

Having the students see an author in person. They always read books, but never see the face behind the story. I like that they now understand that that is a job that a real person has and it’s something they might want to try out.

I think my students really needed to hear Moving Forward and everything the book entailed.
My students have a renewed excitement about writing and his books are completely checked out!

The kids liked hearing that he had to try so many times to get published and seeing that he started writing just like they do

“Were there any moments that stood out as particularly memorable?”

When Chris shared the picture of himself as an elementary school student and the story he wrote when he was our students’ age, the children were able to connect with him and to see future possibilities for themselves.

We are a Title 1 school, and many of our students who bought books were so thrilled to have a book signed by the author. It meant a lot to my students that Chris talked to them and that they were able to get that time with him.

Chris’s personality and demeanor with the students was perfect! He took the time to talk to one little girl that approached him after the assembly and it made her day.

The students had so many questions and he was so sweet about answering them. He was walking to the door with them so they could keep asking!

I enjoyed how he got K-2 involved in his presentation (even though they got a little rowdy here and there.)

“For better or for worse, what stood out about the feedback that you received after Chris’ visit?”

Our teachers enjoyed Chris’s visit as much as the students did! As I see them in the hallways, they continue to mention how much they and their students enjoyed his visit!

My administration and teachers were very excited for this opportunity for our students. They felt like he connected well and were very complimentary.

Several teachers stopped me to tell me they loved the presentation. The did not do this for our last author visit. The teachers are a tough sell and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Parents gave me terrific feedback about Chris’ books. They were really impressed.

It was an exciting experience for the students to meet an author in person and not just via zoom. It got students more excited about reading certain books.

“What do you wish that Chris had done more (or less) of during his presentation(s)?”

Don’t change a thing.

Have a look for yourself — and if you like what you see, please get in touch!