As part of our appearance at the Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE) conference on March 5, Jennifer and I put together this list of our favorite moments from last year’s episodes of our children’s literature video series, “This One’s Dedicated to…”

Enjoy! (And scroll all the way to the bottom for a special “This One’s Dedicated to…” announcement!)

Tracey Baptiste, “Everybody gets a copy of all the books that they want in heaven.”

Steve Sheinken, “It was superhip, and I didn’t belong there at all.”

Angela Cervantes, “And one day some guy walked into El Centro with a box with two tiny pups…”

Nikki Grimes, “I would have taken the book and handed it to them, so that I could see their little faces…”

Gene Luen Yang, “I knew from the get-go that that was who I was going to dedicate it to.”

Stuart Gibbs, “Suzanne was more adventurous than she ever realized.”

Karina Yan Glaser, “Which dog am I?”

Kao Kalia Yang, “I had always thought, even when I was a little girl, that one day I would write her name — and I would write it everywhere.”

Torrey Maldonado, “If books don’t love kids, kids won’t love books.”

Betsy Bird, “Our rags may flap us to death, but we will not starve.”

Rita Williams-Garcia, “Oh yes! Yes. I knew I was going to dedicate this book to my ancestors, because I don’t think plain folk are saluted enough, and we would not be here without them.”

Baptiste Paul, “Without her, I don’t think I would ever be a storyteller or have that passion to tell stories the way I do.”

Stephen Shaskan, “I just had a dream where Steve was making a book about pizza.”

Kekla Magoon, “It feels like a specific gift to that person.”

K.A. Holt, “I think I have a new pen pal!”

And now for that announcement: “This One’s Dedicated to…” will return later this month with guests John Schu and Veronica Miller Jamison, creators of the new picture book This Is a Schoolsubscribe to the show on YouTube, and you’ll be the first to know when the episode is up!