My Bartography Express newsletter usually goes out once a month and features updates on goings-on with my wife and me and our books, along with a book giveaway*.

As you know, these are not usual times. So yesterday I sent out this special edition of Bartography Express, which focused exclusively on resources about my books for students and educators who are now doing their work from home.

I’m sure there will be updates and additions, which I’ll post here. But for now, yesterday’s newsletter is the one place where you can find all of that information (discussion and activity guides, publishers’ guidelines, eBook availability, etc.) compiled in one place for books of mine ranging from my brand-new titles Fire Truck vs. Dragon and All of a Sudden and Forever all the way back to Shark vs. Train and The Day-Glo Brothers.

If there are other resources or additional information from me that would be helpful, please let me know in the comments below.

*Most of the time, the book I give away is a copy of someone else’s new publication, though that’s not the case with my regular issue earlier this month, which featured a giveaway (still open!) of five copies of Fire Truck vs. Dragon.