1. Everyone sees S.V.T. as a “boy book.” I agree that it is, especially since I know the boys who inspired it, but it’s still been a little startling to hear folks so unabashedly say so. There’s clearly a hunger for books that boys in particular will want to read again and again.
  2. Gail was onto something when she commented, “Selling a second book may actually be more satisfying than selling the first. You sell the first book and you think, Could this be a fluke?” Yes, indeed. My last sale was nearly 2 1/2 years ago, and it’s getting close to two years since I started this blog — frankly, I was starting to get a little self-conscious about not having had an announcement like this to make sooner.
  3. The acquiring editor is someone I’ve been submitting manuscripts to for over five years now. Thank you, persistence.
  4. Since the year began, three houses expressed a strong interest in this manuscript, but one of them ultimately did not make an offer due to a bit of internal turmoil. I wonder how often that happens.
  5. I hated saying no to the other editor who did make a bid. Hated it. I have not worked this hard and this long only to decline editors’ kind offers to give me money in exchange for my writing, and it just felt weird.
  6. My agent did not think much of my suggestion that, to spare any hurt feelings, we sell S.V.T. to both editors. But I figure that — as long the two versions came out in the same season, and nobody at either house read the reviews too closely, and I didn’t somehow mistakenly invite both editors and their respective illustrators to my country estate for the same weekend, thus setting the scene for much door-slamming farcical hilarity — my plan would work just fine.
  7. I’m just delighted by all the (wrong, wrong, wrong!) guesses about what S.V.T. stands for and by the thoughtfulness of Don, Gregory K., Fuse #8, and Tim in spreading my good news. [Edited to thank Chicken Spaghetti, Jen Robinson, and Cynsations, too. And the Cybils! And Book Moot! Mitali’s Fire Escape, too!] Say, has anyone ever told you people that the kidlitosphere is the place to be?