Do you know ReaderKidZ? If you do, I bet you’re glad. And if you don’t, well, you should! Because:

We’ve come together to establish a resource for teachers, parents and librarians who work with readers in grades K-5. On a regularly-updated basis, ReaderkidZ will provide new and exciting downloadable tools we hope you’ll use in promoting books to these up-and-coming readers.

On our site, you’ll find valuable downloadable materials in Author-In-Residence, with a new author every few weeks; titles from around the globe in Beyond Boundaries; book recommendations in the Book Room; downloadable teacher resources and more in the Tool Box; links to interesting articles and more in Valuable Links.

What’s more:

This month on ReaderKidZ, some authors we know are giving away copies of their wonderful books. We hope that the people who win them will pass them along to a child somewhere who will curl up in a quiet place at the end of a busy, exciting day, and take one more step on the path to a life of reading.

And today:

Sign up to win a copy of one of the most imaginative, competitive, and off-the-wall delightful picture books of all time – Shark vs. Train – written by award-winning Chris Barton and illustrated by show-stopping Tom Lichtenheld.

So check out ReaderKidZ, enter to win, and have a terrific holiday season!