For me this morning, that meant staying in bed until a few minutes after 6. It’s better than 5, which is when my alarm gets me up most days, but it’s not exactly the leisurely, luxurious start to the day that one (I) might have imagined. No one to blame but myself, though — everyone else is still asleep.

Yesterday rocked. I put a requested picture book MS into the mail to someone a friend had referred me to. I had thought she was a “mere” editor, but it turns out she’s quite a bit higher up in the organization — glad I figured that out before I sent it.

Even better was the reply I got to a nonfiction MS I had sent out a while back. Two versions of the same story, actually, and the editor is interested in seeing a new version that combines elements of each of them. Dovetails nicely with additional research I was planning on doing anyway, and guarantees that I won’t sit around wondering what to work on next.

Not much danger of that, though. I need to revise Smith with previous and pending comments from critiquing buddies. I need to figure out what to submit (or — gulp! — what to write) for the October SCBWI conference; the submission deadline is later this month. I’m expecting revision notes on another MS any day now. And then there’s the MS I mentioned yesterday, which still holds up — I need to figure out who to inflict that one on.